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"The app is great for someone like me who is living and working in the US so has a hard time getting all the necessary PD to fulfill my CPA requirement." Nathan, CPA

"This was my first ProDio course and I loved it! Much better than a lot of other online formats I've experienced. Will definitely pursue other courses in this format!” Christine, CPA

ProDio makes mobile learning TRULY MOBILE! 

ProDio is the first-ever mobile audio-only professional development platform.  We produce high quality audio-only PD courses via free mobile app, so you can listen while you’re on the go.  Now you can complete your professional development while travelling, commuting, exercising or simply enjoying the outdoors.   

Where you want. When you want.   

ProDio makes your professional development convenient and enjoyable. No more classrooms, lost days or unproductive travel. Learn anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or even desktop. All courses are fully certified and come with a verifiable completion certificate.   

Reduce your Carbon Footprint.   

ProDio's mobile delivery of course content anywhere, anytime reduces the need for air travel, hotel, car rental, energy consumption and paper printing costs.  The most environmentally friendly way to complete your PD hours.


We are officially approved by the following Professional Bodies and Organizations:

Engineers and Geoscientists of BC recognizes one hour of activity as one Professional Develpment hour.

Professional Associations - an innovative, convenient and environmentally friendly PD option for your members and students 
We would like to collaborate or partner with you to offer innovative flexible and convenient verifiable PD to your members and students.  Please email us at busdev@prodiolearning.com to discuss how we can collaborate or partner.     

Companies - on-the-move training for employees
Our mobile audio-only courses allow employees to do training and skills development on-the move without loss of productive or personal time.  We also offer bulk corporate packages and course facilitator discussion guides for corporate partners.  To find out more, please email us at busdev@prodiolearning.com.   

For Instructors - create a course with us and expand your impact 
We are working to add new courses to our ProDio app, and expert instructors are an important part of creating high quality courses.  If you are an instructor with an engaging speaking style and experience in creating Professional Development courses, please email us at info@prodiolearning.com to explore how we can partner with you to create a compelling and engaging audio course.  We have an excellent compensation and royalty package for instructors.    


We are adding new courses on an ongoing basis.  Visit our MAIN STOREFRONT to view courses

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