Professional development is often mandatory and it is not always convenient to attend in-person sessions, which require time away from productive work or family. Sometimes it even requires travel, accommodation, meals and other expenses. Online learning courses require time spent trapped in front of a screen.  In either case, you lose productive time that you’re expected to make up. 
Why not choose a flexible and convenient learning option?  Our courses are designed to stand alone or to complement existing in-person and online learning. ProDio allows you to complete your PD using otherwise unproductive time - travelling, commuting, exercising or just enjoying a quiet moment in the park. It puts you in control of how you learn, when you learn and where you learn. 

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.”   Dean Kamen

While online learning has dominated education in the past decade, we realized busy professionals need more flexible and mobile options to complete their PD. 
Lots of people listen to audio books and podcasts in the car or during their commute. It’s an easy, effortless way to take in information. And an excellent use of time when used to complete your PD requirement. That’s why we started ProDio - to put you in control of your time invested in Professional Development.
We make every effort to use the latest production techniques and mobile technology to enhance your learning experience. Our courses are imaginative, entertaining and informative. Best of all, they’re convenient. Once completed and your quiz passed, you automatically receive a completion certificate which the app archives for you for easy access at any time.

We are officially approved by the following Professional Bodies and Organizations:

Engineers and Geoscientists of BC recognizes one hour of activity as one Professional Develpment hour


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