Conversations Building an Ethics Culture


Brian Friedrich FCPA and Laura Friedrich FCPA


BUILDING AN ETHICS BASED CULTURE: Conversations in the Boardroom and in the Hallways
UPDATED: January 2022


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Organizations with strong ethics-based cultures are significantly less prone to misconduct. Driving the right culture is part of our professional responsibility, and is key to organizational success, but culture can be elusive and dynamic. In this course, you will hear typical scenarios that take place at the boardroom table and less formal conversations that happen in the hallways. We will also hear thoughts on building and maintaining an ethics-based culture from respected colleagues and experts in the field.

Through these scenarios and interviews, we’ll explore promoting culture through examining typical conversations that go on at the board table and in day-to-day operations throughout the organization. 

EXPERT INTERVIEWS: Thanks to the following experts for participating in this course:
Patricia Harned Ph.D, CEO, Ethics & Compliance Initiative
Vivian Li, CPA, CA, CIA, Internal Auditor, PGT BC
Serge Massad, Investment Advisor, National Bank Financial
Richard Rennie, CPA, CA, CFO and Executive Director, PGT BC
Catherine Romanko, MA, LLB, Former Public Guardian and Trustee, PGT BC
David Ross, FCPA, FCA, Chair of CPA Canada's Unified Rules Standing Committee
Joy Thomas, MBA, C.Dir, FCPA, FCMA, Former President & CEO, CPA Canada


Chapter 1
1. Identify the importance of demonstrating a genuine commitment to the tone at the top as a key driver of ethical culture in organizations.
2. Negate the idea that healthy alignment means total agreement among the leadership team.
3. Identify different types of diversity and support the business case for diversity on boards and in senior management.
4. Identify the systems that senior leadership must establish in order to develop and support an ethics-based culture in the organization that aligns with the organization’s mission, vision, and values.
5. Determine appropriate qualitative and quantitative metrics that monitor culture and help provide accountability for decision-making in an ethics context.

Chapter 2
6. Identify how the “mood in the middle” amplifies the “tone at the top” and determine how employees at all levels of the organization can reframe situations to present a more compelling argument for ethical decision-making. 
7. Distinguish diversity from inclusion and identify how organizations can thrive by achieving an inclusive culture.
8. Determine how middle managers can use the tools available to them to foster and develop an ethics-based culture within their teams.
9. Determine how the experience of colleagues can be applied to your own role as an ethical leader.


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"This is definitely a course that most upper level management should take. Especially in smaller organizations, as often they don't realize the importance of these issues on their bottom line." (CPA)

"First time taking a CPA driven program. Course was well designed. Concepts and approaches will be a great resource for my own organization. Thanks!" (CPA)
"I liked the course. It provided a number of resources from whom examples were given in various industries. In the examples are where one can relate to the true meaning of ethics when different objectives become in conflict. It was also great that the ethics topic was broken down into sections, like these 10 modules, so it was easy for me to pinpoint the area that I want to play and listen to again" (CPA)

"Excellent information, gives lots of guidance and food for thought on a very relevant topic. While topic seems logical for organizations to implement it may not always be as easy to put into practice if not already in place unless you are someone 'at the top'. I do plan to work on this in my smaller team though and am already thinking of ways to get conversations started - to encourage inclusion, diversity and open communication. Thank you!" (CPA)

"Great course; the interviews and examples were very relevant and useful. The content was delivered in a practical way with lots of reinforcement. Very practical for anyone in any organization, not just a focus on public practice accounting and the financial auditor." (CPA)

Extremely well laid out and very easy to follow. The use of examples and voices of experience really enhanced the material" (CPA)



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