Frequently Asked Questions

Even if your Association is not listed with us, you can see all our courses by leaving the selection as "Choose your Society or Association.” We are working hard to partner with more organizations, so hopefully yours will be connected soon. Be sure to enable notifications on your app, or sign up for our newsletter below so that you will be informed as new Associations are added. Check in with your Association to ensure that our courses will qualify for your PD credits (and maybe ask them to give us a call).

When you register, you will be able to select multiple Associations from the list. At the top of the Main Storefront, you can change the Association at any time to view the courses listed.

If you wish to add or remove an Association from the ones you have chosen, you can do so by editing your user profile on the website or on your mobile app. On the website, click on your user name and select "Edit Profile". On the mobile app, when logged in, edit your User Profile in the top right corner of the App.

Yes you will need to complete 5 multiple-choice questions for each chapter, and each chapter is about one hour of content. To complete the course, you will need to listen to all modules in the chapter and ensure that they are marked as complete, then complete the quiz at the end of each chapter.

Yes, when you complete your course you will be able to download a completion certificate. Your certificate will also be stored on your profile under "my courses - completed courses" so that you can retrieve it at any time.

Yes, once you purchase a course it will be available for one year from date of purchase, so you can listen to it as many times as you like. You won’t be able to re-take the quiz or change your completion certificate though, which will be created and stored the first time you complete the course.

You can download the app for free on any device. Search "ProDio" on the App store or Google Play Store, or by clicking the App Store or Google Play items below. Look for our logo, the orange head with headphones.

Yes, the website version and the mobile versions are integrated, so if you purchase a course, no matter which device you log in on, you will be able to access your courses.

Your web browser may need to be refreshed. Press CTRL-SHIFT-R to refresh and then try the module again. If you are still having trouble, please try Google Chrome, which is our recommended browser. Skipping audio while the module is playing may cause modules to not register as completed

Yes you can! Simply choose "Association not listed" from the drop-down list of Associations when you register.

We are always looking for new instructors and new course ideas. We typically look for instructors that sound great, are passionate about their topic and have previous experience delivering in-person courses or creating online courses. If you don't like speaking, we also have an option that will allow for that. Please contact us.

ProDio will allow you to complete some of the quizzes, but you will not be able to complete the final quiz unless you have listened to all the modules. We trust that our professionals will do it "the right way" - listen to all the modules fully before attempting to complete the quiz.

Yes, the quiz will allow you to retake the quiz if you are unhappy with your results. You may receive a different set of questions though. REMEMBER, most Associations require 70% minimum to pass the course (and quite honestly, would you want to settle for less than that?)

Purchased course modules and handouts will be available for ONE YEAR after purchase (you will not be able to re-do the quiz once the course is completed). You can also save or download or print the handouts from our website. We also have a KEY POINTS handout that lists all the key points made in each module and where to locate them.

Yes, we want you to be able to listen anywhere, anytime, so you can download modules onto your device and listen without streaming. You can also listen to your courses in offline mode when you have no internet connection - even in airplane mode! Be sure to complete your offline modules so that the system can record them as listened to when you come back online. If you do not complete a module in offline mode, it will not be marked as completed.

You will have access to your course content and handouts for ONE YEAR after purchasing your course. Once the courses are completed, the quizzes and course completion will no longer be active - but you will still be able to access and download your completion certificate.

To successfully complete your course, listen to all modules and make sure that all modules and quizzes are marked as complete, then complete the final quiz and proceed to finish the course and download your completion certificate.

The ProDio app stores your downloaded files on your phone and tracks your progress through the course. To do this we need permission when you install the app. We do not collect any data or information at all from your phone. The only information we keep is your name, email and course history (progress and completion).

Please follow these steps to print and save your completion certificate (on a web browser). This is the easiest way. 1) Please SIGN IN at https://prodiolearning.com on your web browser at (Safari, Chrome, Firefox). 2) Once you are signed in, select “My Courses” at the top of the page 3) Once the page loads, you will find your course listed under “Completed” 4) Click on the completed course and select “Download Certificate” 5) This will open the certificate in your web browser and you can save or print it from there. You can also download the completion certificate when signed in on the mobile app (Android or iPhone) under “MY COURSES” at the bottom of the screen.

On the app, click on the USER PROFILE ICON on the top right hand side of the screen. This will open your user profile information screen. Click on “EDIT PROFILE” on the top right of the screen. Edit your email address (you may need to re-enter the entire address) and then click “UPDATE”.

Every full course comes with at least two handouts (Key Points and Course Transcript). Some courses have a number of handouts. You can access your handouts from the HANDOUTS TAB for the course, and print your handouts from the mobile app or website. If you have having difficulties printing from the mobile app, log into your account on the website and print the handouts from there.

On the CPA Alberta website, visit the Advanced Search Tool http://pd.cpaalberta.ca/AdvancedSeminarSearch.aspx and search "mobile learning 2 hours" and you will find all the ProDio courses available through CPA Alberta.

Please follow these steps: 1. Before completing the final quiz, ensure all modules and the quizzes are marked as “complete” with the check mark 2. Then complete the final quiz 3. Once you get your result for the final quiz, click on the “COMPLETE COURSE” button at the bottom of the screen. 4. Complete the course evaluation (or skip) 5. View, download or share your completion certificate Contact support@prodiolearning.com if you continue to have difficulty in completing the course and receiving your completion certificate.

You have 2 options to retrieve your certificate. 1. The easiest way is to log in at https://prodiolearning.com on a web browser (like Google Chrome) and click on “My Courses” and download your certificate from the completed course 2. On Android, using an app like File Commander, you can find your certificate saved on your Internal Storage under the “ProDio” folder.

Due to the nature of our courses and content, we do not give refunds for courses once the course has been accessed, so please choose your courses carefully. You may listen to what the course instructor sounds like and read about the course, including learning objectives, on the course detail page.