Custom learning solutions
through stories and scenarios.



ProDio has developed proven expertise in producing engaging learning through storytelling, scenarios, analogies, and interviews. These stories help your staff, volunteers, donors, and other stakeholders to understand your origin story and feel a sense of belonging to your history and legacy, something bigger than themselves.


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  • Employee on-boarding
    Understanding the culture, history and values of the organization through storytelling.
  • Employee engagement
    Understanding the vision, mission and values and how we do things.
  • Employee training
    Create custom learning content to enhance employees’ understanding of service, employee expectations, diversity and inclusion or corporate culture.
  • Volunteer orientation
    Understanding the culture and role of volunteers.
  • Donor engagement
    Create a legacy gift to intimately connect donors to your mission and values.
  • Capture your legacy
    Past and current leaders carry a priceless wealth of stories and experiences. We will help to record and capture these stories before they are lost forever.

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How do you pass your values legacy and culture on to the next generation?

Throughout the ages, culture and history has been passed on through stories, parables and lessons.

Imagine as the elders sit around the campfire, wrapped in blankets, telling stories of their origins, their history, their struggles and how they overcame them. [music and voices play] Stories of battles and victories, stories about loss and recovery. Stories of pride and celebration. Life lessons.

Wide-eyed, the rest of the tribe sit and listen, staring into the flames, their eyes aglow with firelight, as their imagination takes them on a journey into the past that sparks emotion, a sense of connection and belonging to something much bigger than themselves. They learn and understand the values, the legacy and the vision of where the tribe has been, and where they are going. Together.

This is culture. This is storytelling. This is what we do.


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