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MORTGAGE ESSENTIALS: Expert Guidance and Insights

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We dream of a place we call home. A place where we can plant our roots and raise our children. A place where can transform to reflect our personality, where we belong, where we create a sense of family, community, love, friendship and memories; through countless meals, conversations, joyful and sad moments. Milestones that become part of our story and part of our existence. 

While getting lost in our dreams of home ownership, it's tempting to avoid a realistic and careful consideration of the other side of the coin. The more difficult realty of applying and qualifying for a mortgage. And, once you're approved, being able to comfortably make your payments every month, while still having enough money to live a comfortable life. 

On top of all this, we also need to consider insurance against future events that may affect our ability to keep up with our mortgage committments and how to save as much money as possible on the cost of insurance. All this takes careful and thoughtful financial planning, with the help of experts. 

In this mortgage, financing and insurance planning micro-course, we've brought in three experts - Shannon Mayhew, Kathryn Mandelcorn and Carla Zanotto, to demystify some of the more complex aspects of mortgage planning, qualifying and insurance. 

We trust you'll find value in this very important and timely topic!

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