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Did you know that many REALTOR® to REALTOR® complaints involve simple business etiquette irritants? In real estate, these things can not only affect your reputation with your colleagues and your clients, but can have a direct and lasting impact on your success as a real estate professional.

This 60-minute course will highlight some best practices to follow in your interactions with your clients and other REALTORS® to help ensure that you give yourself the best chance of success in your transactions, and also in your longer-term business relationships. Learn how to deal effectively with conflict, and hear some top tips on how to provide outstanding service to your clients which can lead to referrals and “clients for life.”

GVR's Professional and Business Standards Director and “Ethics Guy®” Kim Spencer will lead you through some critical “Do’s and Don’ts” of real estate etiquette. You’ll learn from the mistakes of others and hear some “secrets to success” from some highly-respected and successful REALTORS®.

EXPERT GUESTS (in order of appearance)

Phil Moore, Past President of the Greater Vancouver Realtors®
Sandra Wyant, Successful REALTOR® and Former President of the Greater Vancouver Realtors®
Tom Everett, Successful Long Time REALTOR®
Ashley Smith, Successful REALTOR® and Past President of the Greater Vancouver Realtors®
Craig Munn, Communications Manager, Greater Vancouver Realtors®
Richard Collins, Real Estate Trainer and former Managing Broker
Paul Penner, Successful REALTOR
®, Real Estate Trainer and former President of FVREB
Christian Butzek, Successful REALTOR
® and Educator


On completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  1. Describe why business etiquette, good communication and basic courtesy is important within real estate practice.
  2. Identify the “Golden Rule” of the REALTOR® Code.
  3. Identify 5 common Realtor-to-Realtor complaints.
  4. Describe how poor professional courtesy and etiquette reflects badly both on the individual practitioner, and on the profession as a whole.
  5. Identify best practices to follow if using social media.
  6. Describe the benefits (to you and your clients) of effective cooperation with your colleagues.
  7. List 3 common causes of conflict in a transaction.
  8. Describe how to deal professionally and effectively with conflict.
  9. Describe the value of identifying your clients’ expectations.
  10. List the 2 most important REALTOR® attributes to clients as identified in a recent CREA survey



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"Exceptionally thought through and produced by ProDio!!!!! I enjoyed the relaxing background music that was chosen for several segments. I especially appreciated the Jimmy Kimmel Live bit about texting which added humour to the course. All the speakers were engaging and Kim Spencer was his usual compelling self as the host. It is highly fluid and informative. I definitely recommend this course to all. If this was a film review it would read 'I was on the edge of my seat the entire hour!' "
"Fantastic course and fun to listen to. The different snippets from various professionals broke up the content and make it more enjoyable to work through all the material. Great job Kim et al in putting this together."

"Great and informative way to enjoy a cup of coffee and morning sunrise :)"

"Very well represented Course by Kim and all colleagues who spoke."

"What a great & effective course that I can finish at my own pace with great depth of learning materials!!"

"Thank you absolutely great course. Should be mandatory for all Realtors. Thanks Kim!"

"I found this to be EXCELLENT and totally relevant! Should be a Mandatory course. Well Done Kim Spencer and REBGV. And Thank you so much!"



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