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Leading Through Influence

  • Instructor:

    Russell Cullingworth, BCompt, MBA

  • Overview:

    In the words of author and business coach Ken Blanshard, “The key to successful leadership today is Influence, not Authority”.  In this course, we talk to experts as we explore this concept of influence and why it is so important to long-term success in leadership.   This course will expand your understanding of this word “Influence” and provide you with a practical understanding and tools to improve your ability to develop interpersonal influence in leadership.

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    LEARNING OUTCOMES: In this course, you will learn
    •   What is influence and why is it important?

    •   To understand the difference between Influence and Authority
    •   The 4 recognized competencies of Emotional Intelligence
    •   4 Possible Influencing Scenarios
    •   Robert Chialdini's 6 Levers of Influence 
    •   Psychological preference as a model for influencing
    •   The 4 basic psychological styles

    •   Push vs Pull Leadership
    •   The 5-step practical model for influencing

    Includes interviews with:

    Chartered Professional Accountants BC, Alberta, Manitoba and New Brunswick
    Chartered Professional Accountants of Bermuda

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  • Duration:

    2.0 Hours

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